love day

It’s interesting to think that just Monday we all celebrated Valentine’s Day.  It seems like it’s been awhile.  The Martinez love day was fairly low-key; no big dinners, gifts or fancy chocolates.  In fact, Velda and I spent the morning part preparing our Valentine’s for our loved ones.  While daddy was at work we went for a nice walk to Walgreens.  Though I enjoy making home-made cards, this year was a strictly Hallmark year.  And though I enjoy a good box of chocolates, I knew it was better to not buy a whole box so we opted for heart-shaped peanut butter cups (and were they goooood).

On our way home we stopped at La Finca (a Colombian restaurant) and got some mucho delicious jugo con leche.  (Juice with milk.)

it was a bit windy on the way home

Velda got mango and I got ganabana.  mmmmmm….so yummy!

Once home, we decorated our Valentine’s and snuggled up to watch Finding Nemo.  It was so nice to share a part of this day with my little girl.

Now, let me explain the next part of Love Day.  J, as you know, is a big time runner/biker/swimmer exercise guy.  He’s skinny and can really put the food away.  He is constantly burning energy, therefore he comes home most days from work very, very hungry.  Therefore I thought it would be a nice surprise to have something yummy waiting for him when he got home.

Pizza, in the shape of a heart.  I thought it was cute, fun and of course, delicious.  Since our favorite pizza place doesn’t deliver, I had to go with Pappa John’s since I could literally walk across the street and pick it up.

a special message with hearts and all!

Later, J’s dad watched Velda while just the two of us went out.  I have to say, it has been quite a while since it was just the two of us.  Life has been busy and it was extremely nice to just spend some adult time with my valentine!

Romantic dinner?  Perhaps a swanky new hip restaurant?  Dressed up to go paint the town red?  Perhaps a little rendezvous in the city?  No, nothing of the sort.

We went to our new house to finish picking out some colors for our walls.

We proceeded to Home Depot to look at some supplies for our new house.

perhaps a chair rail for a room

maybe a door to his office

We walked next door from Home Depot to Stop-n-Shop to pick up some overnight pull ups for V (she was out).

There, at the grocery store, we decided we wanted to see a movie, however we didn’t have time to have a “sit down” dinner before hand.  This resulted in:

Whopper Jr with cheese please

a romantic dinner for two at Burger King!

Then off to the movies.  At the movies I gave J his Valentine: a card and his favorite sour candy.

Like I said, low-key.  Do you know though, it was wonderful!  It was just comforting to spend some time with my love, hold his hand as we walked and have a nice long conversation!

My heart is full!  I got to spend the day of love with two people I love so dearly!  There are some out there that don’t have that opportunity or choice.  I don’t want to take for granted even the silliest, gushiest of days when it means I get to be with J and V!!


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