a llama

It’s amazing how one simple llama can bring so much joy to a little heart.

I was going through my pictures looking for a good one of Velda to send out for Valentine’s Day [I don’t send Christmas cards but I will send V Day, and other random holiday cards.]  My heart melted when I saw this one.  This was taken on our recent trip to Colombia (in December 2010).  We had just come down from the mountain behind Velda, called Monseratte.  It’s an old church on the top of the mountain and you can see ALL of Bogotá from up there.  It’s really quite beautiful.  As we were walking back to the car, we saw this llama relaxing in a parking lot.  Turns out, as pictured above, he is a complete tourist attraction.  (I think it’s a he.)  So while I was busy not wanting to look “touristy”, Juan jumped on the opportunity for Velda to climb aboard.  I’m glad he did because you can see by her face how absolutely delighted she was!  She really is an animal lover of all animals.  I wonder how this will play out when she grows up.  So now back to working on Valentine Day cards.  I need to go pick up the pictures being printed at Costco.  I selected a few others however, I don’t want to spoil it.  Perhaps you will be one who receives a card from the Martinez Family!  But if you don’t, don’t feel slighted; just like I send out cards for random holidays, I also randomly choose people from our address book so it’s never the same people all the time!

Well, Grandma always gets a card but the rest are random!  =)

2 thoughts on “a llama

  1. We love the llama picture. Grant loved his Star Wars stickers. Thank you so much. Grant thought Velda drove down to OKC to deliver the card…….long drive. Ha!

    1. Not just a long drive but such a young driver. We New Yorkers are a bit crazy but giving a 3 year old a licesnse? Maybe not that crazy!! =) Glad he enjoyed it so!!

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