For starters, thank you to all my family and friends that gave input here on my blog or on facebook!  I so very much appreciate you helping me pick out a color for Velda’s walls.  I received some color books today and have narrowed it down, however, you will have to wait for the big reveal!!  On to what is today’s focus:

my wonderful husband Juan.

The past few days Juan has been down and out with what we thought was the flu.  It all started over the weekend with a sore throat.  Fever, coughing, congestion began Monday.  However, instead of getting better, my poor husband just got worse.  Finally, today he went to see the doctor.  It only took him spitting blood to go.

my Nascar fan

Our regular doctor was out of town so they had to squeeze him in which resulted in him being a guiny pig for two residents before THE doctor came to see him.  His outcome: bronchitis and a lower throat infection.

my taste tester

I have to say, in the 5 years and 10 months that we have been married, this is the first time J has gone to the doctor because he was sick.  So if he is going to the doc, he is one down and out, sick guy!

my first Nascar race with J

So in the midst of picking a paint color for Velda’s room (because it’s so time consuming) I have been playing nurse to J as well as going parenting solo with V.  It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it!

V’s first see saw with daddy

Tonight V and I prayed for daddy before she went to sleep.  Momma prayed first, then V.  I wanted to share with you her sweet little prayer.

Daddy no feel good.  Daddy okay.

Doodad (Grandpa) no home.  Go home.

Go home Gram.

Go home people.


She blessed my little heart praying for her daddy.  She remembered that her grandad and grandma were away on a trip and in her way, asked God to bring them home.  Finally, she prayed for people everywhere.  I can’t really interpret her prayer but it is sweet non the less and came from her heart all by herself!

So daddy, if you are reading this, V and I hope that you get better very soon.  We don’t like to see you ‘no feel’.  However, we love being able to take care of you!


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