a new room

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the point of actually planning for our first home.  It is exciting yet also daunting when I think about all that needs to be done.  Most definitely cleaning from ceiling to floor and then ceiling to floor again; get all the dirty dust out!!  Hey, but what fun is that to talk about.  Let’s instead turn our attention to our very first project for our home.

We don’t have a lot of furniture and aren’t planning on buying much right away.  We want to move in and slowly make this house our home.  Yet, there is one very special room that at the moment rises above all the rest.  Juan and I have the desire to create a whole new room for our little girl who is growing up so very fast.

So the planning has begun.  And this is where you come in.  I need help.  I need ideas like what color to paint the walls, ideas for decorations, placement of furniture and whatever else is so very important when decorating a little girls room!  And as a thank you for all your help and contribution, you will all be invited over to Velda’s new room [once completed] for a little tea party!!  How’s that for incentive!

So let’s get started.

Awhile back [summertime] while browsing through Target, we came upon a quilt that was just the one for V’s room.  No I did not instantly snatch it up and run to the check out line; that’s just not me.  I have to think

and think

and think.

Then look at it online so that I can think some more!  You say time wasted, I say time to let it go to 50% off!  WORD!  So here it is:

I promise you it is not ugly!  I was shooting under fluorescent lights which tend to weird out the colors [yes, complete technical term].  Perhaps a close up?

I personally think it is full of little whimsical girly aspirations.  Really, I just think it is full of color.  It is fun with flowers and polk a dots yet show’s it’s made for a little girl who is growing up.  Am I looking to much into this quilt?  It just excites me and is a reminder that my baby is not longer a baby.  If I even call her a baby she corrects me and tells me she is a girl, along with mommy and daddy.  [Yes, daddy is a girl for the moment.  Though we tell her he is a boy, she corrects us and says he is a girl.  Side note, she however knows the difference between the girls and boy’s bathroom and refuses to go into a boy’s bathroom in public.  She says “it no for me“.]

Let me just show you why this quilt is just so lovely [and at the same time practice my photo taking skillz].


I LOVE polk a dots!

a little test drive

a closer look at the sheets to go with; perhaps down the road I will get some solid colors

it even comes with cute little ribbons

here’s a closer look at another ribbon

the border

let’s not forget it is reversible (the purple is the other side)

I think I’ve shown you more than enough pictures to get an idea of the quilt.  (I can’t help myself.)  So my question to you is:

What color should I paint the walls of V’s room?

There are plenty of colors to choose from.  To help you in choosing, keep in mind that I am looking for and hoping to find a purple rug.  I have yet to choose drapes for her room; I was thinking purple as well but feel free to chime in there too!  I think purple is a great color however I don’t want to overdue it.  So…..what do you think?


4 thoughts on “a new room

  1. I think you should do the walls in a light purple color with considering leaving one or two of the walls a creamy white as to not close in the room and make it feel bigger and more fun. Then get a lime green rug. Ikea has a a few different lime greet options. One is shaggy which is fun and the other is if you have nice wood floors there are lime green rugs that are middle sized with white animals going around in a square that is very whimsey like V’s room. You could put 2 or three of those down on the hardwood floor if that is an option. Then you could get either a lime green or the reddish color on the quilt drapes. Some that are see through to let in light during the day and some that are not to keep out the light in the morning. Then you can either 1. hange beads big ones down from the curtian rod or hang 2. ribbons with all of the colors of the quilt. also it is nice to have some colored or white Christmas lights hanging around the window or something for night light. Last of all look online with Target or somewhere else wall stickers or wall decals. I just got some butterflies and flowers and poka dots for Hailey’s new room that is all in orange and red and it looks really great. Though I have to say the poka dots were not my fav. like I thought they would be. My sister Pam in her daughters room got a glass and traced circles around Tiffany’s room and then went to home depot with her sheet/quilt and had them color match a small 1/2 gallon or less can of paint 3 different colors that matched her quilt. Then she proceeded to paint in the circles the different colors and it turned out SUPER GREAT. So that is all of my advice. I hope it is helpful. The purple on the walls and on the blanket an on future art and pillows and lamps will be plenty of purple and you want to offset it with the other 2 or three colors on accessories as you find them over the years. This theme should work forever or until she is ready for a change:) Love to you and have fun!

  2. LOVE the quilt! Nice pick for sure and what a score at 50% off! I like the light purple wall color. Just enough to have some color, but not too much color that it would compete with the quilt. And I like Tracy’s idea of a lime green rug as an accent. I am jealous that you all live close to an IKEA! Our nearest one is 3.5 hours away. Can’t wait to see pics of the finished product!

  3. I was thinking a light green. Its considered a neutral color so I think it might be good to have the color but also be a bit neutral. I love the quilt, personally I love quilts. I think they make a room look so cozy and inviting. =)

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