9 months

picture taken in early summer

We first saw this house on Thursday, April 22 of 2010.  It was one of three.  You can read the post I wrote about it.  We went into contract on the house Friday, April 30th of 2010.  The following 9 months have given us many highs, lows and uncertainties.  I know personally I was excited, disappointed and a bunch of things in between.

This whole process has taught me a lot.  More recently, I have learned how much I lack in faith.  Over and over God has just reminded me to trust that He is in control; He has shown me to just keep believing in Him.  It’s hard and I wish I could victoriously rejoice that I never had a doubt but that would be a lie.  Thankfully, God still loves this poorly human.  I don’t know what I would do if He wasn’t constantly here reminding me to put my faith in Him.

And now, after 9 months of labor, on Thursday, February 3rd of 2011, we closed on this house and walked away with the keys to our very first home.  So I introduce you to our second child: house.

It may all be coincidence, however I find it interesting that this whole process took about 9 months (give or take a week).

That would be the mother in me!

One thought on “9 months

  1. Your house is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so very happy for you guys! I can’t wait to come out and see it. Let us know when you are some what settled so we can come out for a visit. If all six of us is overwhelming I could come out with just one of two of the kiddos or something. How far are you from the train? I remember when we were selling our house is Great Meadows and it took 6 months to sell and then another 3 to get into our house in Elizabeth. It seemed like years. I understand your feelings with these things. Rarely is a house move a simple go by the book event. EXCEPT when we came to Cranford, our house sold in 2 weeks and we were moved in a month later. Ah, that was really nice. Talk to you soon:) t

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