how he loves us

There is a song entitled ‘How He Loves Us’ by Kim Walker/Jesus Culture (also performed by David Crowder Band).  In essence, as the title suggests, it speaks of God’s love for us.  This afternoon I have been editing photos of my little family.  As I was going through them, I was just overwhelmed by how magnificent and beautiful God’s love is.  Overwhelmed how everyday He continues to love me.

I look into these faces, these eyes and see God loving me.  He has blessed me with this little family.  If it was not for Jesus, I would not be snapping pictures of these two favorite people of mine.  Oh how amazed and blessed I am by God’s love.  When we love each other, we are experiencing a piece of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

My heart is Grateful Lord.  There’s not much more that I can say.

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