Sunday’s have taken on a whole new look these days.  Since our last service at HSCC on October 31st, Juan and I along with some of the core of our church, have begun to visit local churches on Long Island.  It has been sad, weird, exciting, encouraging and so much more all wrapped into one.  It’s hard to say goodbye to your home.  I know I have felt a personal loss with the closing of HSCC.  However, as we, the church family, engage in the process of seeking where God would want us, I have also been encouraged.

I am waking up Sundays looking forward to the unexpected.  I am thankful that each new door I walk into is a place that welcomes Jesus.  I am thankful to see familiar faces as us HSCC folks visit together.  It won’t always be like this, however it helps right now.  I am encouraged to know that there are others in this dry land who love God full heartedly!  (Perhaps this land is not so dry after all?)  Also, I am grateful to be able to visit churches of people I know and respect and be an encouragement to them as they serve God.

{A side note for your information:  I’m not going to criticize or critique the churches we have visited.  I have an understanding in my heart that no church or christian is not without failings.  However, I have felt overwhelming love from each gathering.  Compassion, respect and encouragement to Juan and I personally as we have walked through the process of closing our church.  I can not put into words what these people, in their simple words and love, have given us.  They are people who love Jesus and walk it daily, flaws and all.  They are not playing church.}

Beacon Church in East Williston

** I originally wrote this post Sunday evening about 5 pm.  Coming today I see there is a portion missing right in the middle.  I don’t know what happened to it and will do my best to remember what I wrote. **

Juan and I first met Rob and Cheryl a few years ago, in the pre -Velda days.  They planted and have been leading this group for about 5 years; the same amount of time we have been at HSCC.  Juan and I have wanted for a long time to visit them in their church, and though I wouldn’t have chosen these circumstances, I am thankful we were able to be among such great people.  What makes a church a family is the love people have for one another and that is overwhelmingly obvious at Beacon.  Not in a love love hug hug way but in a way that is true and real, where people genuinely care for one another and believe in serving a God together.  I am touched by the interest and care that Cheryl has shown me the past few years.  Though we don’t talk or see each other often, she remembers.  How rare a quality!  I honor and respect a woman that shows true love beyond herself and I see that in Cheryl.

Living Faith Christian Church in Farmingdale

LFCC was not at all what I thought or was expecting.  Juan and I did not know anyone personally at LFCC however it came recommended by one whom we trust in our own community (HSCC).  After the service, we took the time to meet the pastor.  I was surprised by the warmth Ed Kirkland showed us.  He shared his heart and opened a door for continuing communication with Juan.  In following conversations, he shared how he had gone through similar circumstances as we were walking through.  Juan shared with me how Ed spoke in a fatherly way with him.  I appreciate how God continues to bring us to people that love on us.  He must know how tender my heart is!

** This is the end of the portion that was erased.  I know I didn’t quite get it right but that’s the best I can remember.  The moment is gone!!  **

The Point Church in Westbury

Our third Sunday was all together completely different from the first two.  How I love that!!  The Point meets at Loews Raceway Theatre; yup, a movie theatre.  (My tushy was comfy!)  They are the youngest church yet coming up on their 3 year anniversary in February.  The music was rockin’, the preachin’ was swinging’.  Okay, it just kind of rhymed.  Todd Bishop was able to flow with whatever came at him, such as movie previews starting during the preaching!  I enjoyed spending time in this community and can see the clear passion they have for Christ and how much they want to (and are) share that in their community.  Todd preached about honoring Christ and how when we are JUST WHO WE ARE, we please God because He created us.

What I have appreciated about this process is seeing how each community of Jesus followers are JUST WHO THEY ARE.  In that, they are honoring God.  I appreciate that.  I know God has a place for Juan and I.  I do not know where however I am thankful that He is leading us to places that look to Him first!  Places that have also been so generously loving to us as well.  I pray that I too can and will love others when they need it so!!

Tonight we are headed for Centerpoint Church in Bellmore.  I better go powder my nose and put on my shoes!

3 thoughts on “church

  1. Praying for you guys in this big change! You guys are awesome – can’t wait to hear what happens next. 😀

  2. Wow. Thank you so much for the kind words about your visit to The Point! Appreciate you & Juan. Very cool blog.

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