zeke and ned

I so enjoy a good read.  I am not as a consistent of a reader as I used to be.  I may not pick up a good book for a few months.  I may set down a good book while in the midst of it for a few more months.  I may look at the pile of “to read” books on the shelf and then go out and buy a book instead.  I am not a consistent reader.

I think it is a momentous celebration when you finish a book.  Something worth sharing with others.  An accomplishment.  My sister-in-law, Emily, has a list of books she has read on her blog.  Because of her, I began my own list on my own blog.  If you’ve never seen it, I am not surprised.  It is aaaaallllllll the way at the bottom of my blog.  I just couldn’t fit it elsewhere.  A bit of a downer really.

My sister-in-law, the same brilliant one, also will review recently read books.  She does such a superb job not only sharing about the story but giving her well written opinion of it.  You might as well just go read her blog.  All my good ideas come from her.

All this to say, I finished a book:

Zeke and Ned by Larry McMurtry.

No, I’m not going to review it for you.  You just have to go read it to find out what it’s about.  I will attempt to give a brief, very brief, feedback on it though.  Here it is:  I enjoyed it.

Okay, there’s more.  It took me a bit to get into it yet once I was, I so loved the western life of it all.  I thoroughly enjoyed that the main characters were American Indians.  I grew fond of some characters; however, they eventually let me down.  The characters I wasn’t so fond of, like Zeke, eventually ended up being a pretty decent guy.  I was left feeling a bit sad, a bit disappointed, a bit of “really, this is how you are wrapping up the story, really?”.  Therefore, I liked the middle of the book.  That’s about it.

Now you can go read a real review on Emily’s blog!  I’m just happy I finished the book.  I’ll let you know when I finish my next book!

On a brighter note, I love my little family!

from our recent road trip : Martinez Family at the Washington Monument

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