brit milah

I had the amazing and wonderful pleasure to be at my friend Jessica’s home for the Bris of her one week old son Walter.  I have never been to a bris and truly felt it an honor to be included among the attendees.  From what I learned (through google), the brit milah is the covenant of circumcision, commonly referred to as bris (covenant).  ** I hope I’m getting this right **  I loved being there, with camera in hand, being a part of little Walter’s life, mingling with Jessica’s warm and ecstatic family as we all ooh, aah and gush over the first grandchild!

On the photography side of things, it was a learning experience for me.  I went from loving the pregnancy pictures I took of Jessica to being frustrated with myself over moments I missed and exposure not right.  However, it’s times like these that I learn more, not just about my camera but also about my friends and life’s special moments.  I have more pictures to share than normal just because, well, if you know me, you know I tend to be a bit indecisive!!  ha ha.

getting ready

so begins the bris

the mohel – the one trained in the practice of brit milah

it is an honor to hold the baby at various times in the bris

the highest honor is to be the sandak, the one holding the baby during the circumcision

returning to the comfort and safety of mom

There is a portion of this ceremony that consists of giving the newborn a formal Hebrew name.  Walter’s is Shalom.

Jessica, Tom and Wally

it was really great to get to know Jess and Tom’s family a little more

And because I am in a family that consists of 4 generations and I love, treasure and relish in every moment of it, I leave you with one of my favorite pictures.  Walter sure has a lot of women to dote on him!!  He’s one lucky little guy!

I can’t thank Jess and Tom enough for letting me crash this personal family moment and stick my camera in everybody’s faces.  I loved getting to know the family, celebrating Walter’s new life and encourage the new mom!  I wish all the best to your new little family!

3 thoughts on “brit milah

  1. These are great pictures, Rachel! I’m jealous of your photo opportunity! 😉 What a great evet to capture. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Great work, as usual, Rach. What an opportunity to be at such a precious family event. And to know of the rich history surrounding it….pretty cool. 🙂

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