never the same

I think there are moments that happen throughout life that draw a parent, specifically this mom, closer to their child.  Experiences that you go through with your child that strengthens the bond you have together.  A time that you walk away from knowing deep inside that this relationship that attaches your hearts is just getting thicker, stronger and deeper.

One of the biggest moments is when they are born!  The time that this bond between mother and child that has been creating and growing the past 9 months is at full bloom and ready to show itself to the world.  Or the moment you find yourself holding a cup under your toddlers bottom while she pee’s into the cup, around the cup and on your hand.  It’s moments likes these that you walk away from knowing you will never be the same.  It’s one thing to change diapers; it’s another to *literally* get your hands deep into it.

In the end, I’d do it all over again!

One thought on “never the same

  1. Of course you’d do it all over again! It’s that deep, unconditional love we have for those kiddos of ours. You’ll bond even more when she thows up all over her sheets in the middle of the night, or when she poops in the bathtub. It’s amazing what we go through as we love and nurture our children!

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