moment of the day:

moment of the day: when my little darling V pulled the fire alarm at Ruby Tuesdays!

This is what started it all.  This moment was a must to share with the world, thus began my little “moment of the day”.  Perhaps you have read one, even commented on one.  Maybe I shared the story with you over coffee, dinner or our kids playing.  Perhaps this is the first time you’ve ever even read it.  No worries!!

moment of the day: when V shoved her tea set plate into the DVD player.  As if it would play a tea party movie for her.

It’s interesting as I went back and looked at them that the majority of them had to do with my little V.  Honestly, I already knew that  they would.  As a parent, every little thing my baby girl does is a BIG deal to me.  A big deal that’s worth sharing with my huzband, my family, friends, strangers, the world!  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if I shared what my daughter did today?

moment of the day: When my little V got her little thumb smashed in a door and I almost ran to the emergency room. Then sanity prevailed and instead I called the pediatrician at home. Lots of tears later and the thumb is intact!

Some are memories that make my heart go ouch.  I don’t even want to think about the memories that will be made in the next 5, 10, 20 years that will hurt even more.  The thumb was enough for now.  I will relish in her small, innocent self for as long as I can.  Hopefully, when the time comes, she will have learned to get back up, dust the dirt off her knees and keep heading the direction God is leading her.

moment of the day: when my 23 yr old brother-in-law is mistaken as MY SON. really? really?

I’m not even 30.  What more can I say to this?

moment of the day: when at the park, Velda runs up to two girls hugging for a picture and joins in on the hug!

Thankfully joy has returned to my heart once again, thanks to my little V.  I have all these ideas of things I want to do for her.  Things that will give her a glimpse into her childhood, a glimpse for her children to laugh about with their mother.  For my little V to share with those she loves about moments that stood out.  Knowing myself, most won’t get done.  However, I think this one is set into motion.

moment of the day: answering my phone to the sweetest, most excited little girl voice saying “hi mommy!”

I hope Velda gets to look back as many times as she pleases and see what her mom saw: that she is LOVED, life is special, I am proud of her, there is beauty everywhere and most importantly, she has a beautiful, YOUNG looking mom who at 29 years old does  NOT look like she could have a 23-year-old son!  Really??  (Okay, that’s not the most important thing.)

moment of the day: when asked what she was drawing, Velda replied “poo poo”

As my wonderful sister-in-law pointed out, bathroom humor never gets old.  Well, for us it is just beginning!  I look forward to more bathroom humor and simple happenings (no more thumbs or fire alarms please).

There are more moments than I can share that leave me thanking God for the little girl He gave me, such as the hugging of two little girls in the park.  I look forward to seeing the young woman little V becomes.  Till then, I pray I continue to enjoy these moments, or reminders, of how good God is!

Perhaps there is a moment today that brought you joy, thankfulness, laughter or maybe even tears?  A moment that reminded you that God is here, with you?  I hope he reminds you and I again tomorrow that He is Here.

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