I enjoy taking pictures.  I have so much to learn and I learn at a slow pace, but I enjoy it none the less.  One of my most enjoyable subjects is Velda, my daughter.  There are many instances where I take several pictures of her in one sitting and want to share all of them with the world.  But really, how many times can you look at the same child doing the same thing over and over in each picture?  Well, if you are her mom, there is no end!

As I was going through some pictures from Aruba this morning, I came across the morning when Juan gave V her very first ring pop.  Do you remember those?  Well, I felt funny putting up 5 pictures of Velda eating her ring pop on facebook but I decided I can put up as many as I like on my blog.  So humor a mother as I show you how in love I am with my little girl!

the first moments of “what is this?”

the first of several licks

pure bliss

love those eyelashes

what a nice day

Now I can come here all the time and scroll through the pictures as many times as I like.  I invite you to do so as well.  It will bring peace, joy and happiness to your heart.  Okay, so maybe not but enjoy non-the-less!!

2 thoughts on “ringpop

  1. mi chiquita bonita! oh my love how blessed we are with our little V. :o) I love you both so much!

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