as a mother

A dear friend of mine wrote this for Mother’s Day last year and it deeply touched my heart.  I wanted to share it with you yesterday (Mother’s Day) but the day got away from me.  Nonetheless, we can celebrate mother’s any day of the year because mother’s are just worth celebrating!  I hope you receive from it as much as I did!

My Dearest Daughter,

I give to you today a small token of my love and appreciation for who you are as a mother.

There is no other role more honorable, no title more esteemed, no heart more precious than that of a mother.

Through a mother’s heart the complete self sacrifice that I have displayed

through my Son Jesus Christ is made visible for the world to see…

humility, patience, kindness, selfishness, unconditional love.

And know my daughter,

If your child is only a few months old or many years old,

If they live nearby or have moved far away,

If they are here in your arms or in Heaven in mine,

If they are serving me faithfully or do not yet know me,

Always remember that I share your every joy,

I hear your every concern,

I save your every tear,

I know your every concern…

and I am near to your heart, working on your behalf to see my desire fulfilled in your child’s life…

and your life!

So I bless you today, my daughter,

and as you enjoy this day, the fragrance of the flowers,

believe and know that you are a sweet fragrance to me and a joy to my heart.

I love you!

Your father, Abba God

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