my dad

I occasionally browse my dad’s mac not for anything specific but just because I always find something interesting on it.  Usually interesting things that he may not want posted on the internet.  Alas, that is what children are for.  I know one day my own daughter will browse my computer and show the world ghastly, double chinned, funny faced pictures of her mother.

This picture was taken in my brother’s home in Oklahoma sometime in the past year I would guess.  Oddly enough, my dad just spent a week with my brother and his amazing family while on his motorcycle ride across America.  I think he left their home yesterday or today.  I am proud of my dad and his love for God, family, the poor and life!  He is blogging about this big adventure of riding his Harley Davidson Road King across the United States (and back), so don’t forget to check it out:

What odd, embarrassing pictures are hidden away on your computer?  Care to share one, two or a few?

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