one happy island

Aruba.  That is where I am.  This island of serene peace, beauty and quite is known as ‘one happy island’.  Slowly families make there way out to the ocean water and build a “camp”.  There is a softness to this place.  A place to just be, to relax, to take in the breeze, soft sand and beautiful water.  I know I am at a huge name resort, but I can still see and appreciate God’s hand when He creates.

Speaking of creations, I have made a friend today.  A special friend.  He doesn’t know it but he is my beach friend.  By the color of his skin you can tell that he is a seasoned pro.  He drinks his frozen lemonade, sweats out the sun and listens to opera.  I enjoy when the wind carries the music my way.  And in return, he tells me whenever my hat blows away.  A wonderful accompaniment to a lovely Saturday morning!

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