A lot has been going on the past few weeks.  Besides preparing for my 1/2 marathon this Saturday, one of the highlights was my brother Mike and his family coming into town for a few days.  Velda and I spent several days at my parents house while they were in town.  It was such a delight to see Mike and Emily as well as their beautiful twin girls of 5 and 1/2 years and of course, the newest addition to the family, baby Lucas.

It’s amazing how a family can grow.  Growing up, I always thought we were somewhat of a small family.

Today, we number 17!

photo by

One of the reasons for Mike and Emily coming was because Mike is helping my dad make a promo video for his upcoming ride across America to raise awareness (and funds) for the homeless and needy.  Sunday morning Mike did a Q&A with my dad in his study.  I was the sound girl!!

While recording, the camera I was holding that was recording the sound suddenly shut off.  Nothing like interrupting the director because of equipment malfunction (dead battery).  A favorite moment of mine followed right afterwards when I noticed the camera was not recording.  Hmm, the camera was never recording.  Nothing like interrupting the director (and your brother) to tell him that the last 15 minutes were never recorded!  Love it!  Good thing a brother can’t fire his sister from a job….or can he?

We spent Monday in the city riding ferris wheels (Toys-R-Us) and eating out of this world pizza!  It was a great day to spend with the family and see the girls (the twins) experience NYC for the very first time, from the train rides to cab rides, rainy walks to sweet desserts in Little Italy.

rainy days, umbrellas, NYC and little girls sticking out their tongue!

One of my favorite moments of the day was right after we had gotten on the train to the city.  Hannah (not shown) sat in my lap the whole train ride in and then wanted to hold my hand as we walked.  It’s a special feeling to be so loved and adored by such a beautiful, sweet niece.

I so enjoyed watching Velda with her twin cousins Hannah and Leah.  Oh how they played together, bathed together, ate together and almost anything else you could do together, they did!!  It was wild and wonderful!  Watching her with them showed me how much she would enjoy having a sibling, though not enough to go make one right away!

how can I choose just one when you have 3 irresistible subjects?

Many of my favorite moments were just the three of them being together.  They were wonderful to Velda (she is still baby Velda to them).  Many a times I would look and see Leah carrying Velda around and I couldn’t help but laugh.  Now only if I had a picture of that.  Little Leah carrying Velda who is almost as tall as her.  I think Velda’s feet dangled a few inches above the ground.  I laugh even now as I think of it!

There were many more favorite moments but they either were never photographed or are on my actual camera (all these photos were from my iPhone).  Hopefully one day in the near future I’ll get to those pictures!  A few highlights though:

– Late night chats with my sister-in-law Emily.

We chatted like little school girls: we laughed, we cried and it was wonderful!

– Snuggling up to the happiest baby known to man: Lucas!  He was just all smiles all the time.

– Helping Velda paint for the very first time.  She still comes up to me asking to paint.

Note to self: buy some paints.

– Recording an episode for TracyTalksToU (my sister-in-laws new web videos on marriage, family, etc)

Wait till she releases the one where we talk about marriage while sitting on my parents bed!  Ha ha!

Finally, I leave you with an extra special moment in my heart, my two favorite Velda’s!

4 thoughts on “moments

  1. We had such a great visit. I wish we could come every month! Some of those photos you posted capture my favorite moments too. I especially love the last two….Thank you, Lord, for all the sweet little (and old!) girls in our lives.

  2. I’m commenting again because I just noticed Mike is carrying his girlie polka dot umbrella in NYC. Ha! I just laughed out loud.

  3. It was so fun reading this and seeing your AMAZING photos. I love the one of the girls on the bed together. So precious. I can’t wait for our next family get together, I hope it is not too long away from now. Next time I want to sleep over too so I don’t miss the late night talks with crying and laughing;)

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