looking back

Though it is 2010, March 2010, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of 2009.  My sister-in-law Emily did this (though she did it rightfully at the end of 2009) and I thought it was so wonderful that I went through all my pictures of last year and pulled out some of my favorites!  (Go check out her blog; gotta love the CSI Barbie!)  I did not successfully get one for each month (shocker) but I still got 12 pictures.  I am sure there are more somewhere out there that I could choose, but for now I am just happy that I am getting them posted before the end of 2010!


This was probably the biggest month of the year for us because we traveled as a family (Juan, V and I) to Colombia.  For Juan it had been 14 years since he had been home and for Velda and I, it was our first time to meet his family in person.  A very emotional and wonderful trip.  In Bogota, they have 4 or 5 areas of the city set up with beautiful lights.  They call it Winter Lights and so we took one evening and drove to a few of the spots.  This was the first surrounded by some major governmental buildings and the President’s house in the area as well.  From left to right we have:

Gladys’s husband, Gladys, Veronica, Abuelita (Juan’s Grandmother), Juan, niece who’s name I can’t remember, Velda, Amparo (Juan’s mom), me, Ana Maria (Juan’s sister), Javir and Hercules.

Javir, Hercules and niece are all the children of Gladys.  Gladys, Veronica and Amparo are all sisters.  There was plenty more family, trust me, plenty more, but on this evening, it was just this group!  Juan’s brother, Javier, was taking the picture.  Besides the getting sick part (no comment) it was a wonderful time and I look forward to spending more time with Juan’s family!


A wonderful friend of mine, Ellen, got married to an amazing Tommy!  An especially joyous event to my heart.


We got a bike seat for Velda.  She LOVES riding on the bike!


On Mother’s Day, the tree in our parking lot at church breathed it’s last breath.  Unfortunately, it decided to fall directly on top of our jeep.  Therefore, our jeep also breathed it’s last breath that day as well.  Can you see the yellow under the tree branches?


My good friend Gina flew me down to Atlanta for a visit (and to help take some pictures at a wedding).  While there, we went to visit the Coca Cola Museum.  Be still my heart!  Did you know Coke was invented in Atlanta?  Here, I am toasting the man who invented one of my most favorite things!  There’s nothing like a ice cold coke!  aaaahhhhh…..


V hit her first pinata at a summer birthday party as well as tasted her first Laffy Taffy (among other candies).  It was like a whole new world was opened up to her: you mean candy just falls from the sky?

Another big event for our family was the birth of my nephew Lucas.  My brother put together these faces of Lucas.  I don’t think I have EVER seen a baby as cute as he is.  Look at those faces!  Those cheeks!!  I finally get to meet him, hold him, snuggle him in person in just 7 days.  I can’t wait!


One of my most favorite things about summer are the festivals.  I love going to them, I love the food, oh the food!!  Baklava is the most delicious Greek dessert.  Most of the festivals around here are Greek or Italian and I love the food at both!  This past summer we took V on her very first ferris wheel.  I think Juan and I were more nervous than her but she seemed to enjoy looking out!


V turned 2 in October.  2!!  Here she is in her Minnie Mouse out fit.  Her first time dressing up.  She’s just too irresistible that I had to include another picture once she got her whiskers!

We went to a friend’s church that had a pony ride, bunnies, a llama and lots of goats to feed.  Juan’s dad came with us (Papucho) and afterwards we went out for pizza.  It was one of those fun, family nights that you treasure.


In November, Juan sent me to visit some friends in Alaska.  It was a trip for me to enjoy, relax and rejuvenate.  While there, my friend Melissa (pictured here) and I went on an excursion into the Alaskan wilderness.  We hiked 4 miles through snow out into the middle of nowhere and stayed at a little cabin overlooking a frozen lake.  I can’t describe how hard and difficult it was hiking out there and back, yet it was an adventure of a lifetime that I would never trade!  Thanks for such a great time Melissa!!


Every once in awhile V and I get together with some friends of ours that were born just a month before her.  Outside of our family, all our friends have boys so she’s surrounded by boys.  But what sweet, gentle cuties they are.  Here were are with Sebastian!

All I can say is that God has been good to our little family!

I look forward to 2010 (what’s left of it) and the adventures the Martinez family will have and experience!

Thanks for listening!!

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